Presidential Pardons

If a client has been convicted of an offence and a period of ten (10) years has not yet elapsed since the date of conviction, SDF Attorneys can assist such an individual with a Presidential Pardon application.

This application is quite in-depth and complex and must include clear and strong motivations to support your application to have your criminal record removed. Such an application takes approximately 2 years to finalise at the Department of Justice as there are many role players involved in the process. Ultimately the application will end up on the President’s desk and will require his approval – this is discretionary and such an application is therefore unfortunately not guaranteed. It is for this reason that it is recommended that a client utilise our services when preparing such an application, as SDF Attorneys know what to include in the application to make the chances of success as high as possible.Such a fee is payable up front and will be refunded if the expungement cannot be completed for whatever reason.

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