Family Law Attorney in South Africa

Being a family law attorney in South Africa is quite a challenge, especially if the attorney endeavours to be as current as possible (as we do at SDF Attorneys). This is because South African family law is constantly changing and evolving and it is the duty of the attorney to ensure that he/she keeps abreast of the situation.

Being a family law attorney in Johannesburg is especially difficult as it is a large and fast-paced metropolis and it is sometimes testing to contact clients who have demanding, full-time corporate jobs. It is also therefore a further duty of the attorney to ensure that his/her client is also kept up to date regarding not only their specific matter but the relevant legislation and recent case law applicable to their case.

When selecting an attorney, the client must always ensure that they select someone who is easily available (an attorney who is willing to give out their mobile number and personal email address in case of after-hours advice being required), especially where the client works a full day and is only able to apply their mind to their legal matter after hours. It does not help to have an attorney who is not available after 17h00 if this is the only time that the client is able to speak about their matter. Also, select an attorney who is current, young and dynamic and who is passionate about the law and its developments. This will ensure that the freshest approaches are used and the most recent legislation is taken into consideration.

For a family law attorney in South Africa who can meet all of your requirements, contact SDF Attorneys today.