S. De Figueiredo Attorneys ("SDF Attorneys") believe that, although law is extremely serious and is sometimes unpleasant for clients, law can be made as enjoyable and as collegial as your attorney chooses to make it. In every situation we strive to find our clients the quickest, most cost effective, but also most desirable outcome possible, without compromising on quality of work or turnaround times. There is no reason why the law cannot be appreciated and enjoyed by each client, regardless of the situation they find themselves in.

SDF Attorneys is unique in that we strive to keep the law current and relevant and keep our approach fresh and fun, yet professional and effective. Each client is treated as part of the SDF family and is given the specific attention and treatment that they feel is required in order to make them feel comfortable and confident in their choice of law firm.

SDF Attorneys strive to combine professionalism and objectivity with a necessary and unavoidable human element to stay in touch with the client and society as a whole.

Our specialist divorce attorney will ensure that all aspects of the client’s divorce are taken care of and are handled professionally but with the sensitivity required.

New Offering

SDF Attorneys are now offering a once off consultation option

SDF Attorneys are now offering a once off consultation option, for those clients wishing to obtain some legal advice before signing up as a client. This will give the client an opportunity to discuss their legal dispute with SDF Attorneys and to establish whether they have a case before opening a file and paying a deposit. Please contact us to find out more about this once off consultation option, for which SDF Attorneys charge a flat rate, regardless of the duration of the consultation.

  • unopposed divorce
    unopposed divorce
  • Opposed Divorces
    Opposed Divorces
  • Access to Minor Children
    Access to Minor Children
  • Mediation and Drafting
    Mediation and Drafting
  • Forfeiture of Benefits
    Forfeiture of Benefits
  • Infidelity in Marriage
    Infidelity in Marriage
  • Drunk Driving
    Drunk Driving
  • Criminal Record Checks
    Criminal Record Checks
  • Presidential Pardons
    Presidential Pardons
  • Expungements


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