Mediation and Drafting of Settlement Agreements and/or Parenting Plans

Many times, both parents of a child realise that the current access arrangement in either unfair or not stable enough and both parents are seeking an amicable and cost-effective solution to ensure that certainty and stability are put into place with regard to the child. In these instances, SDF Attorneys will meet with both parents and will act as a mediator, assisting the parents in finding a workable access programme that both parties are happy with. Once this agreement has been reached, SDF Attorneys will draft a comprehensive parenting plan, to be followed by both parents going forwards, encompassing all of the aspects agreed upon in the mediation sessions.

Our divorce attorney also facilitates mediation sessions for couples going through a divorce or separation who require assistance in agreeing to the various aspects of same, and will thereafter attend to placing all of these agreed points into a well-worded and detailed settlement agreement for both parties to sign and abide by.

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