Selecting an attorney where a child is or children are involved

Selecting an attorney where the rights of a child or children are of a major concern is a very difficult task as the usual aggressive and insensitive attorney may not be ideal in that the child or children involved may end up being unnecessarily traumatised.

A child or children attorney must be able to remain calm and reasonable while still trying to protect the child or children as much as possible. This is especially the case where the parents of the child or children are involved in a tumultuous divorce and may be using the child or children as a pawn against the other party (albeit unintentionally). In these circumstances, it is the duty and the responsibility of the divorce attorney to protect the interests of the child or children and ensure that the best outcome possible is reached in the shortest time possible and with the smallest amount of damage having been done to the child or children.

As Sheena De Figueiredo of SDF Attorneys is a mother herself, she always strives to ensure that the child or children in a divorce or custody battle are protected as much as possible and will never aggravate such a situation simply to increase fees or drag the matter out – she always focuses on the positives in a matter and aims to bring the parties to an amicable resolution.

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